used other textile machinery
Proposal No: MPSO032-02TR

1 No. MARLASCA Tearing Machine

Width: 1000 mm
No. Of Cylinders: 6

1 No. MARLASCA Tearing Machine
Width: 1500 mm
No. Of Cylinders: 5

Proposal No: MPS006-103UT

3 Nos. Uster Tensorapid III
Model: UTR3-TE
Year: 1991/1992

Proposal No: MPS032-146UT

1 No. Uster Classimat 3
Year: 1999
6 spindles
Uster CMT C-20 A3 Clearers

Proposal No: MPS024-69aUT

1 No. Uster Tester 3
Year: 1991
Consisting of:
Uster Eveness converter EC-1
Absorber type B EC-2
Conveyor EC-3
Sensor type B EC-4
Tensioner type D EC-5
Signal processor
Printer and creel for 24 positions

Proposal No: MPS090-20UT

1 No. Uster III Yarn Tester with Hairness


1 No. Uster Tester 2

1 No. Uster III Yare Tester without Hairness