used OPENEND machinery
Proposal No: MPS155-06OE2017
Rieter Open End Machines

 4 Nos. Rieter Open End Machines,
 Model: R40
 Year 2002,
 No. of Rotors: 220
 With 2 Robots per m/c,
 With Sussen Spin Box,
 Type of Rotor: 33 XT BD,
 With Opening roller
 B174 DN-64,
 With Navel: KS,
 Torque Stop- White,
 Cylindrical package,
 Cheese length: 170mm,
 With Waxing Device,
 With Uster IMK C-20 F23
 Contamination clearer
 (FD, FL, FM)
 of uster quantum type,
 In working condition


Proposal No: MPS155-05OE2017
Rieter Open End Machines

5 Nos. Rieter Open End Machines
Model: R20
Year: 1998
Rotor Dia.: 32 mm, 32SD
Two Robots
With Opening Roller OB20B
With Uster UPG5 Yarn Clearer
Machines are with Original Parts 


Proposal No: MPS159-01OE2017
Schlafhorst Open End Machines

3 Nos.Schlafhorst Open End Machines
Model: BD 416
Year: 2011
No. Of Rotor: 368


Proposal No: MPS155-04OE2017
Elitex Open end Machines

12 Nos.Elitex Open end Machines
Model : BD D30
Year :2001
No.of.Rotors : 224
Rotor Dia : 43mm
OS21 Opening Roller
170mm Cheese Size
Power Supply 400v,50Hz
New Generation Spinbox
Mill Floor


Proposal No: MPS155-03OE2017
Elitex Open End Machine

10 Nos. Elitex Open End Machine
Model: BDA 10 N
No. of Rotors: 192
Rotor Dia.: 66mm
With Cheese Length: 170mm
With OK40 Combing Roller
With R10 Navel
Excellent Running Condition


Proposal No: MPS130-02OE2017
TAITAN Open End Machines

2 Nos. TAITAN Open End Machines
Model: 268
Year: 2010
No. of Rotors: 288
Rotor Dia.: 54mm


Proposal No: MPS026-01OE2015
Open End Machines

3 Nos.Open end machines 
Model: BD 330
Year: 2006
No. of Rotors: 288
Rotor dia.: 34 mm.
Gauge: 210 mm.
With Combing roller type OK 40 NiDi for cotton/cotton blends
Can Size: 400mmX914mm
Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz.


Proposal No: MPS117-03OE2016
Schlafhorst Open End Machines

1 No. Schlafhorst Open End Machines
Model: BD 380
Year: 2007
No. of Rotors: 352
Rotor Dia.: 42mm
With Combing Roller OK 61
Conicity: 4º20”
With Corolab Q
With Sohler Blower


Proposal No: MPS117-08OE2016
Schlafhorst Autocoro Machines

3 Nos. Schlafhorst Autocoro 288 Machines
Model: SE9
Year: 1996(1)/1997(2)
No. of Rotors: 288
Rotor Dia.: 32mm
Two Piecer
With corolab
B17 Opening Roll for Cotton
Power Supply: 380V/50 Hz.


Proposal No: MPS146-03OE2016
Schlafhorst Open end Machines

1 No.Schlafhorst Open end machines
Model : BD D320
Year : 2004
No.of.Rotor : 240
Rotor Dia : 66mm
With Combing Roller OK61NiDi
Cylindrical Coil
Paraffin Coating Device
Power Supply : 400V,50Hz


Proposal No: MPS130-03OE2017
Elitex Open End Machines
10 Nos.Elitex Open End Machines
No.of Rotors:192
Rotor Dia:43mm
With OK 40 Opening Roller
With 170 Cheese Size
Power Supply:380V,50Hz
Excellent condition 
Ready delivery

Proposal No: MPS130-02OE2017
Elitex Open End Machines

 Elitex Open end Machines

Model: BD200SN
No. of Rotors:200
Rotor Dia.:54mm
With OK 40 Combing Roller
With 98 Cheese Length