used CARDING machinery
Proposal No: MPS130-02CA2017
Truetzschler Carding Machines

8 Nos. Trutzschler DK760 Cards
Year: 1995
40” Coiler
With Auto Can Changer
With FBK 533 Chute Feed
CFD Correcto Feed Long Term Autoleveller
CCD Correcto Feed Short Term Autoleveller
BAUMULLER Drive for Doffer and Feed Roller
RIK 3A Leveller Board


Proposal No: MPS130-03CA2017
Rieter Carding Machines

30 Nos.Rieter Carding Machines
Model : C50
Year : 1995
Can size : 24"x42"
With Auto Can Changer
With Aerofeed Chute
With Cotton Wire


Proposal No: MPS004-01CA2017
Truetzschler Carding Machines

24 Nos.Trutzschler Carding Machines
Model : DK 760 cards,
Year : 1996
Can Size :40"x48"
With Auto Can Changer
With FBK533 Chute
With CCD and CFD Autolevellers


Proposal No: MPS117-02CA2017
Truetzschler Carding Machines

6 Nos. Truetzschler Carding Machines
Model: DK 740
Year: 1990-1991
Can Size:40”X42”
With Manual Can Changer
With CCD and CFD Short Term and Long Term Autoleveller
With Truetzschler Chute Feed
Power Supply: 380V/50Hz.